New Year, New Resolutions (New Promises to Break)

I’m not sure why the start of the year (or, I suppose, the end of the year, depending on how you look at it) is a time for resolutions, other than it’s an easy marker to know when you last make promises you (probably) knew you weren’t going to keep. I mean, I could make a resolution to write more in July, but something about January just makes it easier to remember something you’re going to forget.

I wrote forty-nine posts in 2018 (including this one), which is up from the twenty-nine in 2017, although in fairness I wasn’t working on fantasy at all during that year (instead focusing on completing my YA novel, 22 Scars). Still off from the goal of at least one a week, but better than I’ve been for a while.

The thing is, this blog isn’t just about fantasy. I mean, yes – it’s under my fantasy pen name, Satis, but it’s also where I built my first following, got two articles posted on the WordPress front page, and set up the idea of Thoughts of the Week, Movie Nights, and many other short-lived topics. This blog was meant to be a place to express myself, a safe place to talk about mental illness, and all the things I think about.

But I think it’s time to focus and tighten up, and that means separating what I write, where I write it, and why I write it. I now have three blogs I write for regularly:,, and (the first two are mine; the third I guest write for). My plans for the next year include writing a second YA novel, probably before focusing on the fourth book in The Redemption of Erâth series, and so I imagine that I’ll have a lot to say over at I also want to contribute to more frequently (at least once or twice a month).

That doesn’t mean I want to leave to languish, however. Even if I don’t have many fantasy contributions for the next twelve months, I still intend to post here for my Thought of the Week, Movie Night, Music I Love, and other random bits and pieces. So here’s the plan:

There might even be room for crossposting, but we’ll see how things go. I want to write more this year, but I don’t want to promise things I realistically know I can’t deliver on.

So consider this the first post of 2019 – and let there be many more to come!

Join My Book Launch Event!

Dear authors, writers, poets, and yes – readers:

As part of the launch of my third fantasy novel, The Redemption of Erâth: Ancients & Death, I’m looking for people willing to participate in a week-long launch event hosted over at my Facebook page! I’ll be hosting quizzes, giveaways and more all week long, and I need people to help support throughout the week.

Now, this could be as simple as an interview if you’re an author, a cross-post of your blog or links to your work, or you could activiely host for an hour or two on specific day, interacting with and responding to people who visit all throughout.

The dates are Sunday, November 4 through Friday, November 9, and any and all help is immensely appreciated! Please contact me below or at for more information, or if you’re interested in being a part of the book launch!

Falling Out of the (Writing) Habit

Writing is a habit; the more you do it, the easier it becomes. By that same measure, the less you do it, the harder it is to form the habit again.

I haven’t written—really written—in a very long time. I finished work on the third Redemption of Erâth book sometime last year, and while earlier this year I finished off a decades-long project under my real name, I haven’t done any serious creative writing since almost March. That’s a long time.

To top it off, I haven’t been blogging, writing for other sources, or really doing much of anything creative at all. Yes, I’ve been working here and there on some basic editing, but really nothing to write home about (pardon the pun).

And this depresses me, because I want to think of myself as a writer. But a writer writes, if not every day, at least once in a while. And it’s been quite a while.

So here I am, back at it again. There was a time when I would post at least one new article a week; I’m going to aim for something like this as autumn descends and winter takes over the air. I really enjoy blogging, and interacting with the community here on WordPress, and I just need to find my motivation again. Perhaps writing, if only a few words here and there, can help inspire me again.

I apologize for the absence, and I’ll be trying my best to return as often as possible!