About Satis



Raised between the soaring peaks of the Swiss Alps and the dark industrialism of northern England, beauty and darkness have been twin influences on Satis’ creativity since his youth. Throughout his life he has expressed this through music, art and literature, delving deep into the darkest parts of human nature, and finding the elegance therein.

These themes are central to his current literary project: The Redemption of Erâth. A dark fantasy, it is a tale of the bitter struggle against darkness and despair, and an acknowledgement that there are some things the mind cannot overcome.

Written from a depth of personal experience, Satis’ words are touching and powerful, the hallmark of someone who has walked alone through the night, and welcomes the final darkness of the soul.

However, for now he lives in New Jersey with his wife and teenage son.


Satis – 2017


17 thoughts on “About Satis

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  2. Hey Satis,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting on some of my blog and fiction. Much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the short story – I took “gripping” as a serious compliment! Looking forward to following you.

    Good luck with your site.

    • Hm. Interesting opinion of me you’ve developed…but thank you! I was checking out your stuff, and your art is wonderful. Thank you for letting me discover you!

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