Daily Photo: July 28, 2011

The tadpole that never grew up.

Last summer, a department at my wife’s university were doing research with a number of bullfrog tadpoles. They were going to ‘dispose’ of them, so we brought one home. In the end, sadly, he didn’t make it. I’m not sure whether it was a lack of friendship, poorly/overly oxygenated water, or if he was of a weak disposition to start with. We were very saddened.

9 thoughts on “Daily Photo: July 28, 2011

    • We felt really bad about it, but the truth is we really didn’t know what we were doing. It’s surprisingly hard to find good advice on how to raise a bullfrog tadpole! We thought he needed constant, clean fresh water (like a fish), but someone pointed out that they usually grow in algae-filled murk, and maybe that was the problem. It was particularly sad, because we could start to see him growing legs before he died.

  1. ohh, poor little fishy!
    I thought it was a snake when I first saw the photo, scared me a little.
    Amazing photo. And I like your comments. ♡

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