New Writing Partner

This is only a short update this week, just to let everyone know that as of Saturday, I have a new writing partner! She’s young and feisty, incredibly friendly, and already settling in well to her new role. She has a great vocabulary, and is never shy to voice her opinion. Favorite things include food and naps, and loves to show her affection.

I am proud to introduce to you all: Pianetta!

P.S. She isn’t named for the Italian word for ‘planet’. It’s actually a reference to her coloring—we thought she looked like a little piano: Pian-etta.


Daily Photos: January 30, 2010

A lost pheasant in our yard.

A lost pheasant in our yard.

We were making breakfast in the kitchen one morning when through the window we saw this colorful little bird. He didn’t stay for long.

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