The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The First Age (Part I)

The history of Erâth can be defined by the passing of Ages. The Ages are not determined by a fixed passage of time, but rather by the predominant changes (or lack thereof) during that period, and the subsequent demise and ruin of those changes. In principal, the majority of Ages have lasted for around 3,000 − 4,000 years, placing the age of Erâth itself at some 30,000 years old. It is possible Erâth was in existence long before this, but given the lack of knowledge passed from one Age to the next, it is unknown if anything existed on Erâth during this period.

The events described in these books take place at the end of the Third Major Age, and in fact describe the ending of that Age and the beginning of the Fourth, and final, Age of Erâth. Many of the myths that impact the lives of these characters have their origins in the history of the Second Age, and the legends of the First Age. I will attempt to recount the development, major events, and downfall, of these Ages.

(i) Before the First Age

There were, in fact, no less than three Ages predating the First Age, but are […]

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