Daily Photo: September 20, 2008

The construction of one the best architects in the world.

I woke on a misty September morning to find the beginnings of a web, started fresh in the night. The photo didn’t come out too well, but it astonishes me that a spider managed to stretch its silk over five feet from the bush to the hedge.


  1. Spiders are ridiculous. I don’t particularly relish close encounters with them, but I’ve gotta give them props for talent. The other day someone posted on facebook, “Was walking through the middle of a field and got a spider web in my mouth. Wtf?”


    1. I’ve had those experiences. My favorite spider, though, was the one who made his home behind the side mirror of my car. They were heated mirrors, and he made it all through the winter. I didn’t wash my car for six months so I wouldn’t disturb the little guy.


      1. NICE. I once lived in a garden flat which was overrun with spiders. There was a particularly large one over the door. I named her Shelob and left her alone until I had to stoop too low to get in.


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