Enter the Season of Writing

It’s funny to think that it’s already September; autumn is coming, the days are shortening, the leaves are turning, and soon it will grow cold. It’s the time of year for reading, cozied up by the fire … and for writing.

I tend to get most of my writing done through autumn and into winter. Part of this is because January is always New Year’s resolution time, and my resolution is typically to write more. This leads to a burst of ferocious writing for a few months, which tends to peter out come March and April.

But autumn is just as productive for me; last year I edited and released the History of Erâth companion book, and finished editing the second book, Exile, in preparation for its launch in February. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) achieving a similar goal this year; if I can finish the third book, Ancients and Death, this autumn, I’ll be able to release it hopefully some time early next year.

The only downside is that I often get very depressed in autumn, which means that my productivity can sometimes drop. The good news is I’m consistently taking my medication, and with any luck this will be the first year I make through autumn without a debilitating breakdown.

So here’s to autumn, and great writing!

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