The Redemption of Erâth: Book Trailer

So I’ve been spending the past few nights fooling around in Final Cut Pro, Motion and Logic Pro, making up a silly book trailer for The Redemption of Erâth: Exile. It’s done now, and I have to say that, for a first-time amateur effort, I’m kind of pleased! Check it out below, and please let me know what you think!

Pretty cool, right?

Satis Logo 2016


    1. Awesome – then it did its job! I mean, I’ve never made a book trailer before, but I’d heard of them. I figured it’d be a different approach to getting people interested.


        1. Not at all! It’s basically four shots interspersed with titles. The first is a video of a fireplace in a cafe near where we live (in slow motion); the second is a still shot of moors near our home in England some years ago. Then it gets fun. The third shot (the dark ocean) is actually a still, but I animated the lower half to stretch and distort, giving the illusion of moving across the ocean (as opposed to just simply zooming in on the photo). The same applies to the final shot of the mountains. It took some time to get right, but it was a lot of fun!

          You certainly don’t have to do anything as complicated if you’re thinking of a book trailer—in fact, I think there are websites that have templates you can just drop your text and images into. I wanted something to match the look and fonts used on the book cover, though, so I made it custom.

          I’d also be happy to do one for you, if you want (!). Turns out I enjoyed it; I’d just need to know a synopsis of the book, I suppose!


          1. That’s awesome! Thanks for the offer too! My book is nowhere near ready but I will definitely keep this in mind going forward! It seems simple enough, it’s just determining if I have the talent hahaha! Thanks a lot Satis!

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