The Devil’s Details: My Car Crashed


The other day, my car crashed.

No, I don’t mean like in an accident. I mean the way computers crash. Really.

I have a lovely voice-activated bluetooth system in my car that my iPhone pairs with, so I can listen to music while I’m driving, and make phone calls and send texts, all without moving my hands from the steering wheel. The key to it is that there’s a button on the indicator lever that activates the system when it’s pressed. And the other day, it didn’t work.

Just didn’t work. I was very confused – it seemed like a simple enough function (press button – talk to disembodied voice), but for some reason it simply wasn’t working. The radio was playing, but I couldn’t get it off the radio and back to my iPhone’s music. I couldn’t even make a phone call.

Eventually I came up with the idea that maybe I should just turn the car off – you know, turn it off and turn it back on again:

And guess what? It worked! Effectively, my car’s computer had actually crashed.

It reminded me of when my wife’s car was recalled – for a software update.

10 thoughts on “The Devil’s Details: My Car Crashed

  1. Oh dear, my car has no such technological wonders, but it did make me think – how long will it be before we need antivirus software for cars?

    • The scary thing is that the “software update” for my wife’s car related to the timing belt (or something). Presumably there was a genuine danger of something going seriously wrong.

  2. Inspires me to write “Ode to my 15 year-old work pickup with manual window rolley-thingees, and manual door locks”

    IF I could find a way for it to get 100 mpg, everyone would want my truck….LOL

    • Love it. Certain things don’t necessarily improve with technology. I love my little car, but I have the sinking feeling it won’t be doing too well in 15 years. The software will be obsolete.

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