Thought of the Week: Boston

Apologies for the graphic image, but I think it’s needed. All day at work people gasped “oh my god”, and then went about their business.

There will be no other thoughts this week.


NY Times Link

6 thoughts on “Thought of the Week: Boston

  1. When did this happen???
    I thought it was a one of the daily screens of my country! (Every day there are student protests in each University ending with blood and smiley f*ucking police photographs.

    • It happened yesterday afternoon in Boston, at the end of a marathon. It seems there was a bomb among the spectators (not even the runners). Two things make me sick: the carnage and bloodshed on the street, and the fact that we even have a photograph to look at – someone stood there taking pictures instead of helping.

        • As far as anyone can tell, it was homegrown terrorism. What details are coming through suggest that the culprits (who’ve been caught, by the way) were just nuts.

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