The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Third Age (Part VI)

(vi) The Building of the End of the World

With the return of the Duithèn and the rebuilding of the kingdoms of Darkness, the men of Thaeìn were now facing the very end of their world. Their own strength had waned greatly since the end of the Second Age, and it appeared they would not last long against the storm that was now gathering against them.

What little hope remained was in that the Bridge of Aélûr remained broken, and so there was no connection yet between the kingdoms of Aélûr and Thaeìn. As such, it was impossible for the men of Aélûr and their terrible allies to reinforce the forces of Thaeìn; though together they might well crush the kingdoms of men swiftly, separate their strength was not yet great.

It was the hope of the Duithèn that the finding of Namrâth might change all this.

Fortresses of Urkûl and Dûnra

The Duithèn were enraged when the lords of the skøltär would not aid them in their quest for Namrâth. They threatened to destroy their new kingdom and turn their own subjects against them, but the lords of the skøltär laughed and called them spirits of the air, and […]

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