Daily Photo: October 24, 2010

Look at that funny get-up!

Each year, folk gather at the Dey Mansion Museum in New Jersey to dress up in colonial garb, eat colonial food, and kill English people. This was one of the (many) temporary headquarters of our dear old General Washington, as he plotted to defeat the evil Brits.

10 thoughts on “Daily Photo: October 24, 2010

  1. Kill English People??? o.O

    1. Oh yes, absolutely. That’s what we Americans do for fun when we’re bored on the weekend and feeling over-taxed.

      See what I did there?

  2. Nice.

    Are there historical “re-enactors” in England, too? I don’t remember becoming aware of such pursuits until I worked at the living history museum.

    1. Generally…no. Not at all.

      We don’t have a lot to reenact. Remember, as of 1066 A.D. we are a conquered nation.

      1. True but . . . we re-enact the American Civil War in this country, too. You lot have one of those.

        (I’m not sure WHY people want to reenact these things, but apparently some do.)

        1. Well see, how many from the South reenact the civil war?

      2. Of course, there is always Guy Fawkes . . . which is different, but just about as weird.

        1. You got me there. Gathering around in the middle of November in the British rain to burn a guy at the stake…suddenly the English don’t seem so cultured.

          1. Yeah–live there 6 months and you realise it’s all a facade. 🙂

            (Oops! A smiley!)

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