The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Third Age (Part III)

The Sarâthen’s Choice

The world of Erâth had now seen the kingdoms of men brought twice to ruin by the rise of Darkness. Every reasoning being is ultimately responsible for its own actions, and it fate that the Duithèn would become hungry for power and the men of Erâth should be so easily corrupted. Nonetheless, the Sarâthen, held themselves accountable for the great destruction that had now befallen Erâth during the First, and now the Second, Age. They had witnessed the doom men had brought upon themselves at the end of the Age of Light, and the subsequent corruption of the kingdoms of Aélûr and Cathäi. They mourned still the loss of the Mirèn, and unlike men, the memory of their ruin did not fade.

So the Sarâthen set out to put the world of Erâth to right in such a way that could not be undone by men, or any other Race. Their first hope lay in the defeat of the Duithèn, who lay now weakened in the West. The Sarâthen sought to confer with them, and the Illuèn went with them also. They spoke to them of righting the balance of Erâth, and the survival of all races. […]

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