So it seems I’ve reached another little milestone in my blogging career (coming up, as it happens on my first anniversary): Brice Maiurro became my two hundredth follower! Congratulations, Brice, and thank you!

It means a huge amount to me that so many people find what I have to say interesting and relevant; every like, every comment, every hit makes my day. The first thing I do each morning when I wake up is check to see who has visited me in the wee hours of the night. Whether you’re becoming engaged in the dark fantasy of The Redemption of Erâth, introducing yourself to Amy, or simply enjoying my odd taste in music or my photos, I am beyond words with the honor you bestow on me. If it weren’t for all of you, I would quite likely have given up on this a long time ago.

So thank you, Brice, and every single one of you: you make my life that much more fulfilling.


Satis – 2012

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