The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Second Age (Part V)

(v) The War of Darkness (Part 2)

The Onslaught of Aélûr

The commanders of Urkûl ordered an immediate attack, hoping to drive back the armies of Thaeìn and allow the time needed to move the entirety of their army across the Bridge. They were certain that, with the full might of their army at their disposal, the Men of Thaeìn would be powerless to resist.

In the mists of the morning, a wave of Men, monsters and skøltär moved silently to the line of Men surrounding them for a mile or more, intending to break upon them as they yet rested. To their dismay, the armies of Men stood ready, hundreds of mounted soldiers wielding sword and axe and spear. Urkûl had also not reckoned on the aid of the Illuèn, who had great experience with the tactics of darkness. The battle was swift: hardly advancing, the Men of Thaeìn cut down their enemies as they advanced, and in the cover of the mist swept back around them and cut them off from the rest of their army. Few Men of Thaeìn fell, with great casualty among the soldiers of darkness.

As the day grew (though not in light, as the sun was now permanently blocked by […]

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