The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Second Age (Part IV)

(iv) The Corruption of East and West

So the lands of Aélûr and Cathaï were corrupted by the Duithèn, under the deathly watch of the Namirèn. Eight kingdoms of Men were under the influence of darkness, and tended less to their own, and instead turned to their neighbors and sought to conquer them. Each kingdom saw itself as the one true ruler of their land, and tension began to mount between each realm.

The Duithèn, of course, encouraged this hostility, for it was in their plan in the conquering of Erâth that the kingdoms of the West and the East should mount a unified assault against the lands of Thaeìn. So divided, each kingdom would do nothing more than squabble among themselves; should one kingdom arise dominant, however, that ruler would have the power of an entire continent at their hand. The Duithèn were certain of their success.

The Exile of the Illuèn

Before the dark peoples of Men could be united, though, the Duithèn perceived one force that could yet bar their way. As long as the power of the Illuèn was felt in the realms of Men, the full influence could not be realized, and the beasts of […]

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