Back to Work

When I finished writing the first draft of The Redemption of Erâth in June, I decided it would be worthwhile to give the story a rest; take a break, relax, think of other things, and not even read it for some time. I originally intended only to take this break for a month, but a month turned into two, which turned into three…

Anyway. It’s the first of September (yes, yes…don’t correct me), and it’s time to begin a new resolution. I would very much like to have this story finished, in publishable form, by the year’s end. If I can achieve this, it will leave me in a good place to begin writing the second book at the start of next year. The pattern of completing one chapter each week has worked out pretty well so far, and I would to make an attempt at this again.

Now, at the risk of stretching myself and completely destroying my sanity, I feel it’s also time to turn my attention back to a long-neglected project, very near and dear to my heart. Many, many years ago I discovered a story, one that spoke to everything that was in me, that embodied my very person, and it was a story that I knew I must tell. However, I was younger then, and unprepared for the task of writing a book. However, the story has stayed with me, always, and given that its events have remained unwavering in my mind, I know it is a project I must complete.

I write, of course, of A Gothic Symphony, a tale of the struggle against despair and depression. For those of you who have enjoyed the dark-tinged fantasy of The Redemption of Erâth, this will be nothing like it. Not even close. Autumn – the fading death of the world and the descent into long, cold nights – is at the very heart of this story, and coming into this time of year, I can’t but imagine this is the time the story must be told.

I don’t know if I will manage; editing The Redemption of Erâth is, above all, my priority. I very much want to continue the story next year. But I feel I have waited too long, and this story must escape me onto paper. If you are interested, please stop by; perhaps you will find something new to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. My suggestion would probably be to switch back and forth between editing and A Gothic Symphony. New tales are always exciting, but there can be moods and days that are ideal for one over the other. One need not rule out progress on the other.

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