The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Second Age (Part III)

(iii) The Spread of Darkness

It took one and a half thousand years for the new kingdoms of Men to be founded, and become settled into the rebuilt lands of Erâth. By this time, memory of the First Age was but a legend, and all that remained was the knowledge that there had once been a great disaster, and the world was forever changed. The great wars of Men were forgotten, but what Men now found themselves contending with was the darkness.

The two great manifestations of darkness were, of course, the Duithèn and the Namiren, the races of Darkness and Death. Through them, though, grew terrible and twisted forms of life, and became the creatures of darkness. The Duithèn spread far and wide over the lands, quietly inhabiting Aélûr, and seeking always to spread to Thaeìn and Cathaï. Where they lived, trees grew crooked, and beasts wild-eyed and terrible. The Namirèn, passing from place to place in ghost-like form, took the threads of the Duithèn with them, and brought death wherever they went.

Creatures of Darkness

The creatures of Darkness themselves were many and varied, and only the few that were directly involved in the battles to […]

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