Daily Photo: July 16, 2011

A lost feather in a lost wood.

Isn’t this beautiful? A single feather, lost among the leaves of the forest floor. What bird did it come from? Where did she go? Where is she now?

9 thoughts on “Daily Photo: July 16, 2011

  1. Yes, it’s beautiful.
    This photo could inspire so many stories.
    That you snapped it (I presume) shows your creative eye.
    Lovely! ❀

    • Thank you! These are all my own photos; the idea of the Daily Photo thread is to show what I was doing on that day, in some previous year. That’s why some will be silly, some mundane, and others gorgeous (if I do say so myself).

      These little details catch my eye; my wife argues that I’m not observant – I say I just don’t observe the things in supposed to!

  2. well observant or not this was just beautiful, especially the black and white back ground which shows off the feather very well, dont know if you did that on purpose but it sure is cool

    • Thanks! I did muck around with the photo a touch, just to make the feather stand out. I usually just play with the color to make the photo come out a bit more, but this one required something special.

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