The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – Overview

Here begins the world of Erâth. Over the following weeks, I will be publishing the detailed history and background of the world in which my book, The Redemption of Erâth, is set.

It should be noted that this history was written long before the story of Brandyé and is fate was well-known, and as it is based on loose information and ill-remembered tales, there may be discrepancies, both within the history itself, and with the story of Brandyé’s life.

These errors may be corrected and updated at a future time; for the moment, I will present these histories as they were originally published, so that you may at least be introduced to this incredible world.


(i) Origins

The origins of Erâth are obscure, and little is known of its earliest beginnings. Erâth comprises all of known existence; there is nothing beyond Erâth that can be known. In some respects, Erâth represents the Universe, but is in many regards finite.

Erâth is a flat world. This does not, however, mean it is not round. It has a North, South, East and West, and most parts of it remain unexplored. There are continents, and seas. Some seas are so vast they cannot be crossed, and likely are inhabited by creatures of equal size. There are large tracts of Erâth that are desolate wastelands. Much of Erâth is forested, but there are deserts, also.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of Erâth is that it has an edge. In any particular direction, if you were to journey long enough (although the journey could well be beyond the lifespan of most creatures of Erâth), you would encounter one of two things: either mountains that increase in size and steepness until eventually culminating in an impassable wall; or a plunge, profound beyond depth, where the land or sea drops to oblivion. There are the remnants of at least one notable city on the edge of Erâth […]

Read the complete section here.

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