Daily Photo: July 7, 2008

Who said the words “English” and “summer” are antonyms?

A view from our upstairs window at the time. I love the gold and the red and the dark; I am filled with a deep ache, a longing and nostalgia. This is an image of glory, of timelessness.

16 thoughts on “Daily Photo: July 7, 2008

    • Indeed…only it’s looking west. 😛 I should have mentioned that it’s a sunset! The sunrise on the other side was just as lovely.

  1. that is an absolutely gorgeous pic……what a view!!!! very very lovely. May I copy it and add it to pics I look at every day since I am unable to leave the house at the moment? Thats something I have done to try to keep myself from being too depressed because I cannot see out and cannot go outside right now.

      • thank you so much! i AM adding it to the slideshow I view everyday. It helps me stay somewhat calmer.lol and helps that I can look at them and imagine i am there…and not stuck in a house…lol…thank you! I love lovely and colorful pics…he he he

  2. Beautiful photo,
    But your words captured me.
    I can see changes afoot, I can see a bright creativity coming out to play,
    and from here this looks wonderful! ♡

    • You’re too sweet! When I said you inspire me, it wasn’t a lie – I got the idea from your own wonderful photos. It’s become a way to share not only the things that capture my eye, but also the snapshots of memory they represent. Every one of these takes me back to the moment, and more often than not, it is a happy moment.

      • I thought this may be the case, from what you have already said.
        But I am just so impressed, that you are actually doing it,
        and allowing some happiness to lighten the despair.
        And it’s lovely to see bits of your world.
        Thankyou. ☆☆☆

  3. Ah could be that you and i are riding along on our next great quest together and we are looking towards the west for a place to stop for the night, aye ye could take yer bow and hunt for the nights supper and i would be left to get the fire started and hobble the horses, heres to hoping ye come back with a brace o nice juicy rabbits, we could make a fine stew out o them, need to look about fer fresh water also, shouldnt be too hard we passed a small stream a bit back down the trail, i’ll refill our skins whilst i wait upon ye to return with the goodies for the night.

    • Isn’t that a wonderful image! But I wonder what makes you think I’m the hunter? 😛 Remember, in Erâth West is the direction of Darkness.

      • this i do remember, but to the west also lays freedom from the tryanny of the Lord Gareth, would not the shadows we not know be better than the evil we have left and yet upon that leaving what fate to we reside the fair folk to have wit firends running amuck at the behest of the evil Lord

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