Writing—creating—has been an inescapable part of Satis’ nature since a young age. A talented pianist, music became a great influence in his youth, and his writing turned to music composition, resulting in a degree in composition, a symphony, a heavy metal album and numerous smaller works of music.

In recent years however, his interest has returned once more to literary composition, and has manifested itself in his current major work: The Redemption of Erâth.

In The Redemption of Erâth, we follow the life of a young boy, Brandyé Dui-Erâth, as he is cast out from his home into a world overrun by Darkness. Set over the course of seven novels, we will see Brandyé suffer and triumph, learn, grow and lose, and eventually find himself pitted against the very forces of Darkness and Death themselves, with the fate of his entire world hanging in the balance.

In the heated emotion of his youth, Satis also lent his pen to poetry, though he has written less in recent years. There are numerous other literary ideas constantly floating around in his head, but he never quite has the time…or the inclination.

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