Daily Photo: October 16, 2007

San Lorenzo Cathedral, Genoa.

Another marvel of Italy from my wife’s conference trip. I’ve never seen this striped cathedral before, but I do have one up on her: I’ve been to the cathedral in Orvieto, which not only has gorgeous black and white stripes, but a gold-plated front façade as well. So there.

Daily Photo: October 14, 2007

Oh, those sneaky Italian seaside towns.

Another image from my wife’s trip to Genoa. I can’t quite figure out how anyone gets to the houses.

Daily Photo: October 13, 2007

Late Italian evening.

Credit to this gorgeous image goes to my wife; she took this at a conference she was attending in Italy at the time, outside of Genoa. Sometimes I wish I was a stressed out, under appreciated, under funded and student-berated research professor, just so I could be sent to these places.