Published Works

Ancients & Death

Volume Three

Now separated from Brandyé, Elven finds himself traveling in the wildernesses of Thaeìn, searching desperately for the woman he loves. When he is captured by the forces of Erârün, marching on the doorstep of their neighbor, Kiriün, he is taken from all he knows – and finds that, despite the losses and tragedies of his life, there may be a deeper purpose to his journeys after all.

Meanwhile, Brandyé awakes in a distant forest, alone, and with no memory of his past, nor even of his name. Soon, however, he finds himself embroiled in the makings of the greatest war Erâth has ever known, voyaging the length and breadth of the world in an effort to make peace with terrifying warlords bent on the total destruction of all.

As Darkness and Death begin to take hold of the world of Erâth, both past and future merge as Brandyé and Elven must race against time to save all they hold dear – lest the world fall into an abyss from which it can never return.

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