Satis began learning piano at the tender age of eight, when he would have much preferred to be riding a bike. Arrogant as always, he soon thought he could write better than the music he was playing, and composing soon became an everyday pastime (so far he still hasn’t written better music than anyone else at all).

He studied music composition at both the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and The University of Sheffield. During this period he began writing not only in a more contemporary classical style, but also with arrangements for metal bands. These works earned him a 1st-class degree, which he still hasn’t found a use for.

Real life having caught up to him, his focus has dropped away from music in recent years, but there are countless ideas that he hopes to return to, as soon as he has enough time (and enough money). For now, you can listen to some of his works over at SoundCloud.

5 thoughts on “Music

    • Thank you for taking the time to listen! Composition was my major at university, but I really haven’t applied myself to it in several years now. I used to use a notation program called Finale (I still would now), though the recordings would all be done using Logic Pro now.

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