Did It Hurt?

Did I upset you when I told you how I felt? Did it hurt when I spoke my truth? Did you wonder where it came from or why I hadn't said anything before? The wounds of our life can fade and even though they scar they eventually cease to hurt But this new pain … … Continue reading Did It Hurt?


The Man Who Never Was

There was a boy, once; alone, and scared, and filled with the blackest thoughts of life and death and love. The boy cried, and bled his veins, and scarred his skin forever because he thought he knew love. But love cannot last (or can it?) And the boy grew into a man in all ways … Continue reading The Man Who Never Was

Thought of the Week: Depression Is…

It's been quite some time since I've turned my hand to poetry, but since I've been writing such a voracious amount of prose lately, it felt about the right time. I make no promises for its quality, but maybe it'll ring true with one or two of you.   ~   Depression Is…   Night … Continue reading Thought of the Week: Depression Is…