A Lack of Progress (and a hope of Success)

According to my computer, I haven’t even looked at The Redemption of Erâth since April, and haven’t worked on editing the third book since January. It’s now September. I feel sad.

Still, not quite all of that was wasted time, as I spent a good few months in February and March working on my ‘other’ project, the one that will be published under my own name. Still, since then I really haven’t done much writing or work of any kind, and I want that to change.

The good news is that I’m basically done with my other project in terms of writing, although I’ll admit it needs a bit of editing. And while I’m looking into submitting to agents for that one, I’ll try to see if I can return my focus to The Redemption of Erâth.

I’m currently sitting on top of the finished manuscript for the third book, Ancients and Death. I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out, although again, it needs some substantial editing and cutting before I can start thinking about sending it off for professional editing. In the meantime, I’m thinking about posting some excerpts—or possibly even entire chapters—here on WordPress for you to enjoy. I’d love feedback, particularly in regards to plot and pacing, which I think still needs a bit of tinkering.

Soon, however, I really want to get stuck into writing the fourth book, tentatively titled The Fall of Thaeìn. This is where things are going to take a turn to the darker, and I haven’t yet decided the fate of the main characters yet. All I can promise you is that if you’ve been following Brandyé and Elven this far, it won’t be what you’re expecting.

So here’s to continued work on writing, and a hope that I can keep up with it for a while this time! Let me know what you think, and I’ll post the first chapter of Ancients and Death later tonight.

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