An Update for the Ages

Dear readers,

I must apologize for my absence. It came to my attention recently that it’s been nearly three months since I last posted here at, but I would like a chance to apologize, and a moment to explain.

In the past, these absences have been the result of vicious, deep depression, times when I’ve been unable to move from bed for days at a time, never mind write anything online. This time, however, it’s a little different: I’ve been writing, and furiously at that.

It’s just that I haven’t been working on The Redemption of Erâth. After finishing the first draft of Ancients and Death (which took freaking long enough in itself), I realized that my other project—the one that has been languishing since 2005 (yes, I typed that correctly)—desperately needed some attention. It was time to finish A Gothic Symphony.

And I’m extremely proud to say that, after so many years and so much hard work, it’s complete. This has been one of the most difficult projects I’ve ever worked on, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

To celebrate, I’ve launched a brand-new website where you can track my progress on submitting to literary agents, editing the work, and working on getting it published. You can visit it at

Going forward, I’ll be primarily keeping my fantasy and non-fantasy work separate, so look to for anything contemporary, young adult, etc., while will focus more on the fantasy (and maybe one day sci-fi, who knows?) side of things.

So essentially this is to say that I’m not gone, but merely working hard—and I’ll try even harder from now on to keep you all updated.

Thank you for all the loyalty over the years!



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