Eighteen Chapters Down

This past week has been remarkably productive. After quite a few weeks of thumb-twiddling, I managed to scratch out almost 20,000 words in three days. Chapters 16, 17 and 18 are complete, and hopefully chapter 19 and 20 will follow just as quick. After that, it’s the final five (21-25) and book three is complete!

I honestly didn’t think I’d get here. I mean, after this I still have four more books to write, but this third book has been … just awful. Not awful in that it won’t be a fun read, but it hasn’t been nearly as much fun to write. There have been some genuine struggles, moments when inspiration was severely lacking, and some serious doubts about the direction the book was going in.

But that’s all almost over. I’m pretty confident about what’s left for book three, and then I can start thinking towards the editing, the endless revisions, and—perhaps one day—the launch!

So here’s to another productive weekend coming up, and seeing if another 20,000 words is possible!

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