Road Trip, Day 1

Well then … ! Today marked the first day of my cross-country trip to California. Thirteen hours, seven hundred miles, two and a half tanks of gas, and a hobo.

Set out from New Jersey around 9:00 AM, heading first for my favorite little town in Pennsylvania, Bellefonte. It’s a really cute Victorian-era town in the heart of the state, and I have fond memories of the last time we visited.

  It wasn’t quite so beautiful today, but I’ll chalk it up to the freezing temperatures and lack of any kind of flora (spring has been late in coming this year). I did get some nice photos, which I’ll attach at the end.After a burger and beer at The Governer’s Pub, it was highway time, hardcore. Made it through the rest of Pennsylvania and into Ohio, past Columbus and Dayton on my way to a hotel just west of Indianapolis. Just as it started getting dark the heavens opened, and I was very glad for my new windshield wipers (!). Still raining here in Plainfield, Indiana—we’ll have to see what it’s like in the morning.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today; this was always going to be the longest day (I hope) of the trip in terms of driving, which sadly means less fun stuff to talk about. I’m planning a brief stop in St. Louis tomorrow; I hear there’s a fantastic cemetary to check out.

Good night, all, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Rusty fountain in the park.


Beardless Lincoln …


Some of Bellefonte’s Victorian architecture.


Cheeky duck!


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