Idle Hands Are the Devil’s … Writing Tools?

Good evening, everyone!

Don’t forget to visit my Facebook launch party; guest authors and free giveaways are happening all week!

I’ve been having an absolute blast today over on Facebook, launching my new book, hosting guest authors, giving away free copies, and more. While The Redemption of Erâth: Exile is my second book (technically third, actually), this is the first time I’ve bothered to do anything to celebrate its launch, and I didn’t think it would be so interesting!

The first, most important thing I’ve discovered is that hosting a party, even one that’s online, is hard work! (Mrs. Satis and I also hosted a real life party on Saturday, and that was chaos, too.) I didn’t realize that I’d be literally glued to my computer screen, answering questions, replying to comments, and posting new tidbits of information. Originally, I even thought I might have been able to host the party while still working my day job, too—after all, it’s only online, right?

I’m very, very glad I chose to stay home this week (besides having a midwinter vacation). I started up this morning around 10:00 AM, and it’s been almost non-stop ever since! I’ve been visited by the talented Nancy Chase (see my interview with her here), who’s been giving away copies of her own work, too! I’ve revealed a book cover for Will Bly. And I’ve been talking to people all day long.

The point is, I had no idea that running an online party could be so much work! I honestly believed that I’d be sitting back, drinking tea and idly waiting for people to say something interesting. But so far, I’ve had people telling ten-word stories, dictating what I ate for lunch, and even correcting minor mistakes I’ve made!

My hands have been anything but idle today, and I expect the rest of the week will follow suit. I’ve done more writing—albeit in short bursts—today than I have in ages, and it’s a whole lot of fun! The weird thing is, I’m absolutely exhausted, and I’ve barely moved!

For now, though, it’s back into the party—we’ll be wrapping up for the day soon, but drop by anytime this week: I’d be delighted to see you there!

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