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I have a major announcement to make!

Starting today, the official home page for author Satis now resides at Everything relating to my writing and published/upcoming works is hosted there, as well as bios and other helpful information. Going forward, this will be come the main page for everything related to Satis.

What does this mean for WordPress and my blog? The good news is—nothing. I will continue to post blog entries on here as I always have, and I have no intention of moving away from that: I have too many of you good followers to abandon! All it means is that, if you want to send someone to the official website of Satis, you can now send them to

So I encourage you to check out, and please—let me know what you think! I’d love feedback and comments on the design, layout and content. You can also find links to buy my book from there directly, and sign up for my newsletter (hey—not many of you have so far!).

I look forward to your thoughts!

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5 thoughts on “New Website

    • Thank you! I hope so too—the idea is just to be able to let interested parties know when new material is coming out. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date!

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