The Redemption of Erâth: Slow Progress

I’d wanted to post the next chapter of book three (Ancients and Death) tonight, but unfortunately I’m not quite finished with it yet. I’m about 5,500 words through with it, but there’s still a fair chunk left to write (including a conversation with a warlord, I think). I actually got the best writing done this week on my iPad in the local library, which I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by; I do tend to get distracted at home.

Once chapter ten is finished, we’ll be leaving Brandyé to his own devices for a bit focusing once more on Elven, who we last saw be appointed as a healer to the court of Kiriün. Over the following five chapters (chapters eleven through fifteen), we’ll see him grow and learn, find love and—I hate to say it—quite possibly suffer loss again. The third part of this book is called Death.

On another note, I was reading part of book two to Little Satis, and I think I’ve come up with a way to bring events forward a little, and make the whole story a little more cohesive, in line with what my editor wanted. It hopefully won’t involve any major rewrites, but will bring things like the Grim Watch into the story sooner. I feel like I’m dreadfully stalling with book two, but I want it to be the best it can possibly be, and I’m worried it’s not there yet.

Anyway, I’ll keep this update short for now, and look for the next chapter of The Redemption of Erâth: Ancients and Death next week! Thanks for reading!

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