The Redemption of Erâth: The Beginnings of Book Three

Don’t forget – you can claim your free copy of The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation just by emailing and telling me which digital format you’d prefer (ePub, Kindle, PDF, etc.)!


So, book one, Consolation, is out and published, and I’m embarking on the long and tedious journey of actually getting people to read it. Use the email above to get yourself a copy! Book two, Exile, is ready to be sent out to my editor for reviews and copyediting, and I’m looking forward to her comments and criticisms. That means that it’s time to turn my attention to book three: Ancients and Death.

What do you think of the title?

I started writing a bit of book three back in June/July, actually, but my summer’s been a bad one, and I haven’t been able to do much focusing. Things are feeling a little on the upswing now, though, and progress on book three has been going well. This is going to be the hardest book I’ve written so far; not only is it going split the action between the two main characters (Brandyé and Elven, who were separated at the end of book two, if you remember), but it’s going to be looking at a time, place and culture that has hitherto been unseen in the first two books. This means new people, new places, new events, and possibly even new languages (and a couple of very old ones). In my planning and plotting it’s delving dangerously close to science-fiction, and I don’t want it to have too jarring a shift in tone from the first two books, which were solidly fantasy.

The chapters are also the longest I’ve written so far, though I’m aware editing could whittle them down a bit. At the moment it’s standing at 26,000 words – at a point where book one totaled 15,000. I had to get book one to around 100,000 words or my publisher wouldn’t publish it; I don’t feel quite the same constraints for books two (143,000 words) and three (160,000 planned).

I’ll be taking the drafts of book one down from this blog soon, in light of the book’s recent publication (and my giveaway!), but I’ll be leaving book two up for your reading pleasure at the moment. And from there…it’s time to start sharing book three with you!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be publishing each chapter of The Redemption of Erâth: Ancients and Death as it’s written, hopefully roughly a chapter a week. As before, this will be a first-draft, rough copy, typos and all. But for those of you eager to follow Brandyé and Elven’s journey further, now’s your chance. I’ll be posting the first chapter later tonight, but going forward I’m open to suggested posting times – when do you do most of your blog reading?

Thank you all for following with me so far, and stay tuned – things are about to get exciting!

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