Thought of the Week: Now That I’m Published…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had much to say here, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been through one of the worst summers in recent memory in terms of battling my depression and possible bipolar diagnosis, and it’s been a daily struggle to even get out of bed. Work has been utterly exhausting, and in the little spare time I’ve had, I’ve tried desperately to dedicate myself to my book.

Having said that, I am still here, and I’m hoping to be around a little more than I have been lately. There was a time when I posted several times a week, and while I can’t quite commit to that level of activity yet, I would like to get back into the swing of things. I remember the wonderful feeling of knowing someone else has read your words, whether they be of hope or despair, and I of course remember the many good friends I’ve made through this blog (Alexandra, Neil Vis, Elyn, I’m looking at you!). Some of you have been with me on my journey for some years now, and I promise you, it’s still continuing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.13.29 PMSpeaking of having people read my words, I have a (late) announcement to make: my first book, The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation is finally published and ready to read! My publisher, iUniverse, originally had it available on their site in July, but there was a glaring mistake on the front cover and it’s taken a while to get this fixed. The amended version is now up, and available through right here.

In one sense, I couldn’t be more excited. My book is physically available for sale, and I’ve had the chance to hold it my hands. Reading through it in print was an experience like no other: glorious, satisfying and very, very real. I’ll be receiving a few free copies soon and I already have an idea who I’ll be sending some to…!

Having said that, it’s very much a soft launch. I’m not much of a marketer, and until this post I pretty much haven’t spoken to anyone about my book, short of my local library. I’ve sunk quite a bit of (borrowed) money into turning my book into a reality, and I’m keenly aware that at the moment, I’m not likely to make much of that back. Truth be told, I’m not really expecting to. This was an experiment, a way to see if it was possible to ‘make it’ without the use of traditional publishers and agents. While I know that it is in theory possible, I’m not holding any great hopes for myself.

At least not yet.

I’ve had something of an upswing in mood lately, and I want to use it. I’m hoping that, over the next few days and weeks, I’ll have the motivation and stamina to start looking for ways to market my book. Getting people interested in it. Getting people to read it. One thought that’s crossed my mind is reviews: there are numerous review sources out there, from mainstream newspapers and magazines to independent websites. Of course, there’s no guarantee the reviews will be glowing, but infamy is better than non-famy, I suppose.

Another thought that’s crossed my mind is that, with iUniverse, I retain full publishing rights to my novel. What does this mean? Well, despite the fact that it’s published through them, and they get a (fairly significant) chunk of the royalties, I am still free to do what I want with the book elsewhere. Such as…

Give it away for free!

What do you think of that? I’ve decided, pretty much right now, that between now and October 31, anyone who emails will receive a free copy of The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation in return, in the format of their choosing (ePub, Kindle, PDF, etc.). All you need to do is let me know.

Meanwhile, there’ll be a Google Ads campaign running soon, and I’ll probably take out a couple of small advertisements on Facebook as well (don’t forget to check out

What do you think? Are there other ways you can think of to get my book out there and to the masses?

Satis Logo 2014Don’t forget: email before October 31 to receive your free copy of The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation!

18 thoughts on “Thought of the Week: Now That I’m Published…

  1. Congrats on getting out there. I remember the feel when my first shipment of my copies of The Last Enchanter arrived. I was fighting back tears finally being able to cross that off of my bucket list.
    Here I am now with three novels out and another on the way. The feel never get’s old.
    Anyway, nothing but the best, the book looks and sounds awesome. I might have to partake once I finish the two books that still need editing.
    Good Luck with the new book!

  2. Congratulations on getting your book published (although it sucks that the cover was initially screwed up)! Have you thought about giving away a copy or two on Goodreads. People are pretty good about posting reviews on there. It would be good even to just get it on the site.

  3. So glad you’re published! Before I crashed on my face 3 yrs ago I was a publicist, I mainly worked with authors promoting books. I also worked for a radio show booking guests. By far the best way to reach a large number of people without costing you anything is by doing radio interviews. (sometimes they do request a free copy of the book to review before the interview) TV interviews are better… but it’s pretty hard to get fiction publishers on TV. It’s always worth a shot though and still doesn’t cost you anything. Fiction is harder over all but not impossible. I have a friend who published a book or two and then ended up being asked by George Lucas to write Star Wars books, he’s written several now and other works as well. I once got him on a radio show that likes science fiction topics. It was more a favor for me though… he doesn’t need help selling books any more! (Timothy Zahn) But there was a point, years ago, where he DID need help. They all start somewhere! 🙂 I know some people are really shy about interviews so it may not be for you yet. Even the small radio shows reach about 30,000 a shot though so it’s worth thinking about! I’ve only done a few little things with publicity lately, just favors for friends. I can email you the basics if it would help. Publicity was the best, I hope to get into it again when I can think a little (lot) more clearly and handle the pressure. I was on call 24/7, I had clients all over the world and shows that aired at all different times. It was fun but craaaazzyyyy. It’s a job with a lot of failure as well and that was never easy for me. The successes were amazingly rewarding though. Anyway, I’m excited for you! 🙂

    • I’m stunned; I can’t believe you worked with Timothy Zahn! I love his Star Wars books; they were utterly defining for the Star Wars expanded universe, and perfectly captured the essence of the original trilogy. I’ll definitely look into requesting interviews on local radio, etc. I had no idea this was what you did! I can’t imagine the pressure you must have been under, though; as always, I wish you all the best in your struggles. (Sorry I haven’t been reading too much lately; I’ve been too absorbed in my own issues.)

      • I just happened to grow up in the same town Tim lives in, very very rural area so our families know each other well. I don’t get much extra credit for knowing him. 🙂 He’s a good guy, a big portion of what he earns gets donated. He’s insanely smart but introverted personality and socially awkward. I wasn’t sure how he’d do in interviews but when it comes to talking about his work he’s amazing. I haven’t worked with a ton of fiction authors, I’ll try and think of others you may know of.
        My job is definitely a huge part of what brought me down. I was a hard core people pleaser and it was impossible to deliver what everyone wanted. When you get your worth from what other people think, that takes a toll. 🙂
        I’ll email you some info!

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