Thought of the Week: A Day in the Life

6:07 AM

UP Band starts vibrating. Don’t get up; it’s not worth it.


6:30 AM

iPhone alarm goes off. Try to keep your eyes open, but don’t get up; it’s not worth it. Check for emails and WordPress notifications. They’re all boring.


6:42 AM

Get up, because you’re going to be late for work. You should have got up at 6:07 AM and had plenty of time for a nice breakfast, cup of coffee, but no…it wasn’t worth it. Sleep would have been worth it, but you didn’t do that, either. Just…wasted time. Great start to the day.


6:52 AM

Devour an english muffin. You used to prepare a bagel and eat it on the way to work, but even the preparation isn’t worth it. Bread, butter, done. That’s about all you can manage. Maybe make coffee; you desperately need it.


7:21 AM

Start driving to work; you’ll probably just make it in time. Try not to fall asleep driving; play loud music, put the a/c on high…still no luck. Swerve into the wrong lane several times.


8:03 AM

Get to work 3 minutes late and hope no one notices. Try to drink more coffee (if you made it). Slap on the happy face: no one at work can know how you feel. Dread the next four hours.


10:00 AM

Break time. Fifteen minutes – not nearly enough. Keep smiling and joking; you’re still surrounded by people. Finish your coffee. Decide not to brush your teeth, even though you deliberately brought toothbrush and toothpaste to work. Have a mint instead. After all, who cares if your teeth rot.


12:05 PM

Lunch time – finally. Did you bring lunch with you? Then heat it up in the microwave. No? Go out and spend $10 at Starbucks, even though you’re almost out of money for the month. After all, there isn’t a lot else around. Bury yourself in a game on your iPad, listen to music on your earphones, try to pretend no one’s around you. Finish your food, set an alarm for 12:55 PM, and go find a chair out of the way from everyone and try to go to sleep.


1:10 PM

Wake up and realize you didn’t set the alarm right and now you’re 10 minutes late back to work. Panic, but try not to show it. Remember: happy face. Oops, I lost track of the time, etc. Dread the next four hours again.


3:00 PM

Miss your break. Fun times.


4:53 PM

Start counting the seconds until you can go home. Not entirely sure why – what’s there to look forward to when you get off work? You finish with your customer, clock out, change your shirt…the happy face is starting to crumble – just hope it lasts until you get in the car. It does. Try not to fall asleep on the drive home. Fail, and doze off at the wheel, just like the morning. Somehow, you don’t crash. Again.


5:55 PM

Arrive home. The kitchen is a mess from the morning. The recycling has been piling for days. The dishwasher hasn’t been run. It’s stinking hot, and there’s no a/c in the kitchen. You turn it on in the living room and upstairs, at least. You’re supposed to start preparing dinner, but the bed is too tempting. You lie down – just for a moment.


7:45 PM

Dinner’s finally ready, way, way late. The kitchen’s a worse mess from the dinner preparations. You don’t feel like eating at all, but make yourself.


8:30 PM

Finish dinner and stare at the kitchen. There’s really only a few things to do: most of the dishes can be put in the dishwasher, and there’s only one pot. It’s too much anyway, and you go back upstairs. You look at the computer: you’re supposed to write this week’s blog entry. The floor in your office is too tempting, and you go to sleep.


9:30 PM

Wake up briefly. Think about doing the dishes. Then think about doing the pile of dirty laundry you’re sleeping on. Then go back to sleep.


11:04 PM

You’ve slept now for almost two hours since getting home, and you’re more tired than ever. Maybe you find the energy to get up and clean the kitchen, if you’re lucky.


1:36 AM

Wake up on the floor of your office. Decide you finally need to do the dishes. Come close to panic doing them, but you get it done – barely. There are still glasses that need rinsing, but you leave them until the morning. The recycling still needs to be done. The floor still needs to be swept. The stove still needs to be wiped. You just. Can’t. Do. It.


6:07 AM

Repeat. Forever.


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