Daily Photo: April 14, 2002

My dad really does have an eye for composition.
My dad really does have an eye for composition.

A Mediterranean sunset in Greece. Although this was only taken with a small digital camera, back in the day my father was an excellent film photographer.


Camera: DiMAGE 7          ISO: 100          Focal Length: 22mm          Aperture: ƒ/5.5          Shutter Speed: Unknown

7 thoughts on “Daily Photo: April 14, 2002

  1. Yes, I like the silhouette. I wonder is there a program that I can use to extract a photo’s details? For example, it can retrieve the camera model, ISO, Aperture, Focal Length, Shutter speed, Lens details

    1. I don’t know what kind of computer you’re using, but that sort of information is usually embedded in the photo’s data. If you use a Mac, iPhoto can show you that kind of information if you click the Info button. I believe on Windows you can right-click the image and choose Properties – I’m not very familiar with Windows, however.

      1. Do you mean that you are a Mac user?

          1. I’m a PC user 🙂

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