The Redemption of Erâth: Book 2, Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Old Man in the Woods

The rain had ceased and a canvas covered him by the time he next knew the world. Before the opening of his eyes, sound came to him, and he heard the lapping waves of a calmer sea, the rush of a light breeze, and the crackling of a small fire. For many minutes he remained thus, until he heard a voice speaking to him. Its sound was familiar, but his mind would not let him recognize the speaker, nor understand their words.

With a great effort Brandyé rolled to his side, and discovered that it was damp sand upon which he was lying, for his nose dug into it and breathed it in before he knew it. He spluttered and snorted, raising himself and trying to blow his nose with his hands. If nothing else this brought him fully to his senses, and as he opened his eyes and looked about him, he saw Khana was sitting on a log beside him, a small fire burning before him.

“Alive you are,” he said, and Brandyé was this time able to focus and understand his words. “Your passing I feared.”

Brandyé tried to speak, but his throat was cracked and dry, […]

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