Daily Photo: February 11, 2011



I was browsing for a Valentine’s Day card, naturally for this time of year, and was impressed at the variety of cards on offer. Then I was surprised that some of them were pretty specific. Then I saw this one. I just keep trying to put myself in the mind of the person who designed it. I mean, a card for when someone’s child dies. Wow.

3 thoughts on “Daily Photo: February 11, 2011

    • Hey Bally Bin,

      Thank you for leaving your thought. I really hope I didn’t upset you with this; I didn’t intent to hurt anyone. I just remember thinking that you couldn’t be more cold-hearted than to get someone in such a situation a card – and a pre-written one at that.

      I enjoyed reading some of your blog – I’ll look forward to checking it out in more depth.

      • I shouldn’t post late at night! You did not hurt or offend me in any what at all. I posted my two cents and I decided enough time has passed that I could actually blog about what some have been brave enough to ask me:
        “My friend lost their child – I want to do something, but I don’t know what – I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I know you lost one and what are your thoughts on the matter.”

        So keep your eyes peeled – my full blog on the matter should be published shortly! (rather than taking up your comment real estate with the full monte….!)

        Sorry my short, blunt post made you think an “Oops” might have occurred. I promise to try harder for clarity in the future!

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