The Redemption of Erâth: Book 2, Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Among the Cosari

So began a new life for Brandyé, among the people of the isles who he came to learn called themselves Cosari. He lived in the great house upon the height of the mountain, under the lordship of the man whose home it was. Abula Kharta was his name, and Brandyé had not been wrong, for he was indeed lord of his island – Galawōmi – and several of those surrounding them. Brandyé became to him a servant, and was made often to appear alongside his master, sometimes shackled or chained.

Having long since lost all pride, Brandyé was surprised to feel such humiliation in this servitude; he was often the butt of jokes, and the laughter and jesting at his expense often brought tears to his eyes. If his tears were seen they would laugh all the more, and beat him, and so he soon learned that he could prevent them if he bit his lip dreadfully hard with his teeth. Thus he evaded their temper, only to have ever cut and bleeding lips.

He was not always so cruelly treated, however, and there were times when Abula showed him some small kindnesses. He would have Brandyé with him when he dined […]

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