The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Third Age (Part V)

(v) The Seeds of Doom

The Courage of Men Begins to Fail

For untold thousands of years, the Third Age of Erâth carried on in Changelessness. The battles faded, the discoveries went unnoticed, and the race of men became ever more dreary all the while. With the death of love and dreams, though, a new form of apathy came over the kingdoms of Thaeìn, and the lives of men were bleak indeed.

Yet it was a bleakness men were content with; without deep thought or feeling, there was little grief, though there was also little joy. There were few battles, but also few discoveries, and the race of men was truly at a halt. King after king came and went, and the lands were ever the same.

The Sarâthen’s vision of Changelessness had come to full fruition. Those that had remained in Erâth saw the indifference of men and were saddened, but remembered yet the destruction of the First and Second Ages, and were afraid of what might occur were the veil of Changelessness lifted. They had not intended that the race of men become uncaring about the world, and saw that they might yet be extinguished, if they no […]

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