The Redemption of Erâth now available on Amazon!


So just a quick update – I managed to submit The Redemption of Erâth to the Amazon Kindle store, and it’s now available for purchase there for $1.99, along now with the iBookstore.

Click here to view.

It’s exciting to start sharing my work, although it is still in need of minor editing. My hope is that the process of updating it will be similar to Lulu and the iBookstore (i.e. you can re-download the updated version when it is released, since technically it’s the same book). If you’re concerned, though – don’t buy it yet! I’m not looking for the money yet, and you can still read it for free on this blog.

So whilst I can technically say I’m a published author, only one person so far has bought the book (me), and that’s okay. When I’m ready for the book to go genuinely live, I’ll probably end up removing portions of it from this site. For now though, keep enjoying!


Satis 2012

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