The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Third Age (Part I)

The ending of the War of Darkness marked the ending of the Second Age of Erâth. The world was much weakened by the losses of war, but there was also gladness in the hearts of men, at least for a time, and the darkness of the Duithèn left their lands.

So began the Third Age of Erâth, at the end of which the events described in this book occur. The Third Age lasted for some three and a half thousand years, and saw the fall of all but a few kingdoms of men, and the origins of Changelessness, as brought about by the Sarâthen. Yet the powers of Darkness were not defeated entirely, and were able through the diminishing of the Illuèn to eventually regain their strength.

(i) The Fate of Darkness

The Undeath of Goroth

With the demise of Goroth, in whom the Duithèn had vested so much power, the race of Darkness was greatly weakened, and went into the West. Yet they were not destroyed, for it is not in the power of Men to kill those of the race of Darkness. Many other changes there were also, and while darkness did not leave the lands of men […]

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