The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Second Age (Part IV)

(v) The War of Darkness (Part 4)

The Breaking of the Bridge of Aélûr

When Goroth and his army had crossed the black river, Daevàr did not call upon his army to pursue them further; exhausted, weakened, and still in fear, they remained behind to recover, though they did not retreat further to the South. For a month, the army of Thaeìn rested, and recovered their strength. Daevàr knew Goroth would not be so easily defeated.

The Dragon Lords remained with Daevàr, and conferred much with him, and knew also that Goroth remained yet in Thaeìn, and would not leave their lands while strength remained in his army. The Duithèn had departed the South, and the oppression of darkness was beginning to lift from the kingdoms of Erârün and Kiriün. But both Daevàr and the Dragon Lords knew that at least one final battle would come before the War of Darkness would see an end. Their own forces were greatly reduced; of their army of ten thousand, little over four thousand remained between Daevàr’s army and the forces that had driven back the pirates and soldiers of Cathaï, now regrouped.

Before long, word reached Daevàr that Goroth was indeed regrouping his forces at the mouth of the […]

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