A Gothic Symphony: Bethany (Part 2)


I hadn’t thought Amy or Jason had even been paying attention, but suddenly he leaned over towards the rest of us and said, “Hide it, guys!”

Jez made a face at him like he was totally crazy. “Fucking…put it in your shirt, or your pockets!” he hissed.

Bat twigged, and took a can and stuffed it into a pocket in his cargos. Those pockets are huge, and honestly it didn’t even look like there was anything in it. Jason took one and buried it in the pocket of his hoodie; Jez took the third one and actually shoved it under her skirt. She kind of squealed; “Fuck, that’s cold!”

And all that was left was mine, and I was drinking it, and the cops knew it. My heart was racing, and I looked around, and saw the trash can ten feet away. I stood – the cops were almost there – and started walking towards the can. I actually took another swig, right in front of them – I can’t believe I actually did that – but I tried to hold it really tight in my hand. The cops had stopped by the others, and I tossed the beer, still half full, into […]

Read the complete chapter here.

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