The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Second Age (Part V)

(v) The War of Darkness (Part 3)

The Coming of the Dragon Lords

It was in this moment of despair, as the courage of the Men of Thaeìn failed and the marching armies of death were bare moments away, that the salvation of Thaeìn came to be. For years, only the kingdoms of Erârün and Kiriün had made preparations for war against the armies of darkness, and it was against these two kingdoms that the Duithèn had urged Urkûl and Pulväen to first move. But these were not the only kingdoms in Thaeìn, and in the North of the land, the Dragon Lords watched as the armies of Aélûr marched across the great Bridge and against the kingdoms of the South. They remembered well how the Duithèn had attempted to corrupt them and their Dragons, and looked down upon the weaker kingdoms of the South as they slowly turned to despair under the withering influence of the Duithèn.

But as the War of Darkness took shape, they became aware that, should the southern kingdoms fall, the Hochträe and eventually their own lands would come under attack, and they were uncertain that they could resist the combined forces of the entire world against them. Having long chosen to […]

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