The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Second Age (Part V)

(v) The War of Darkness (Part 1)

The Alliance of Illuèn and Men

Daevàr watched as his people, despite their resilience, slowly withered under the darkness brought upon them by the Duithèn. Rumor grew of the gathering armies of Aélûr also, and the king began to fear the ruin of his kingdom, the downfall of his people, and the demise of all light in Erâth.

He appealed to the neighboring kingdom of Kiriün, and found them under the same spell of darkness. Long masters of the land, the crops of Kiriün were now withering, and their fruit failing. Daevàr spent long hours with Starüd, the king of Kiriün, speaking of the coming darkness, and the possibility of attack from the East. Daevàr was a strong king, and vowed not to let their lands be taken. He proposed that their armies should move upon the lands of the East while their armies were yet amassed, but Starüd did not agree. Refusing to accept that they might be attacked, he claimed instead that if their own kingdoms were already drowned in such fear of darkness, the lands of the East, long under the power of the Duithèn, must be incapacitated and unable to mount an assault of any kind. […]

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