The Redemption of Erâth: History of Erâth – The Second Age (Part I)

After the fall of the great civilizations of Men at the end of the Age of Light, much of Erâth was laid to waste. Entire continents were rendered uninhabitable, and the rest of the lands were overrun by darkness. Twisted creatures took form, encouraged by the rampant spread of the Duithèn. The once-great cities of Men, already in ruins, crumbled and decayed, their ashes scattered by the violent and poisonous winds. What was left of the race of Men was scattered, divided and lawless, fighting amongst themselves for survival.

The age that followed, some two three thousand years or so, is referred to as the Second Age of Erâth. It charts the recovery of Erâth from the destruction rained upon it by Men, the rebuilding of kingdoms, and the eventual corruption of Men by the Duithèn.

(i) The Waste

To accurately trace the history of the Second Age of Erâth, we must begin by looking at what was left of Erâth in the aftermath of the great wars of the First Age. No part of Erâth was left unspoiled, and in Cathaï alone remained any trace of green and wild untainted by disease or darkness. This one refuge may […]

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