Daily Photo: July 24, 2011


We have spiders in our basement, much like anybody else. This gal just caught herself one heck of a meal. It’s bigger than she is!

5 thoughts on “Daily Photo: July 24, 2011

    • Isn’t it? I marvel at the workings of nature. This creature, so perfectly designed to trap and kill. If any creature deserves respect, it is the spider.

      • aye that it does did you know host spiders can trap their prey and have it wrapped in about 30m seconds, har bet you didnt knw that one me friend, i will rest soon and thank ye fer yer concern, i think maybe Serena will take over to get us all asleep, till the morrow then mate.

  1. Great photo!
    A little gross, but captivating.
    I went to my door the other day,
    and there lying in the sun were two skink lizards,
    entwined in a perfect infinity symbol! ∞
    Wish I’d taken a photo! 😉

    • Gross…or beautiful?

      There are often squirrels and chipmunks and rabbits and deer outside of our house, but they’re awfully timid and run away from me. And the groundhogs – I swear, they know exactly when they’re being watched. That’s why I so rarely get photos of them.

      The spiders, though – they just don’t care. Humans are beneath them, I think.

      I would love to see your skink lizards (does that sound weird?)!

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