Daily Photo: July 2, 2005

Can you say, “sound of the nineties”?

Back when I was studying music, I wanted to be able to play my compositions back as I wrote them. This little relic saw me through years of cheesy synth recordings! Those of you in the music industry probably recognize this baby; the JV-1080 appears on more recordings than any other synthesizer in history!

3 thoughts on “Daily Photo: July 2, 2005

  1. I remember a friend having one of these.
    Do you still play, do you still compose?
    Such a wonderful gift to have.

    • Sadly, I haven’t written music for quite some time now. I no longer have the JV-1080, as it only had a British power supply and wouldn’t run here in the US. My Mac is now capable of producing far more realistic sounds in any case.

      I do still have music projects in the back of my mind, but it is so very time-consuming, and I have so very little time. I hope to get my piano back from my mother’s house at some point – a thing I would greatly look forward to.

      • Oh, Yes, Do that!
        I hope you at least have a keyboard till then.
        Touching base with your talent is so important.

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